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Big News!

The Future of Aesthetics is here now!

After an intensive month of training, Dr. Melanie Icard at your Anti-Aging Clinic in Phoenix is excited to offer the best aesthetic procedure we have seen yet!


Introducing PDO Threads for Facial and Body Augmentation, otherwise known as “face threading”: the newest, state-of-the art option for non-invasive body lifts and non-surgical facelifts in Arizona!


What is Body & Face Threading?

PDO (Polydioxanone) threading, also coined “face threading”, is the newest therapy from Europe and Asia and works by placing safe, absorbent sutures directly under the skin. These sutures lift, create volume and shape, and smooth the skin and tissue of the targeted area. Whatever cosmetic enhancement you are looking for, PDO threading provides a non-invasive, natural looking option.


How Does It Work?

It’s Simple.

The PDO thread, a biocompatible and biodegradable material, is inserted into the subcutaneous layer (the fatty layer of the skin) via a tiny needle. The needle is then removed carefully from the skin while the thread remains to lift and fill the area through collagen production.


It’s Fast.

The procedure can take anywhere from 5 to 35 minutes depending on the area(s) needed. Patients will notice an immediate enhancement that will only continue to improve over the next 6 months.


It’s Painless.

Rarely is anesthetic needed- the procedure is gentle and quick! However, we can provide anesthesia if it will help you relax during the procedure. Patients can expect minimal side effects (slight bruising and tenderness) and quick recovery time.


PDO Threading is excellent for:

  •  Non surgical facelift
  •  Cheek lift
  •  Jowl Lift
  •  Neck definition
  •  Line and define the lips
  •  Remove lines above the lips
  •  Need less Botox next to the eyes (when paired with Botox injections)
  •  Lines between eyebrows
  •  Breast Lift
  •  Cleavage rejuvenation
  •  The best treatment for acne scars and large pores


Is it safe?

Yes. Body and face threading is safe and instantly effective. The tiny wires or sutures” that are placed directly under the dermal layer were originally created and used for heart surgery in babies, so it is an extremely safe material. The fine threads are biocompatible (not harmful to the body) and dissolve naturally over time with water and carbon dioxide. The treatment is marked for its ability to achieve a completely natural look and is an excellent alternative for patients who are not willing to undergo plastic surgery, dermal fillers, or Botox and other neurotoxins.


Does it hurt?

No. Generally speaking, most thread lift procedures are so gentle that there is no need for anesthetics.  However, if your case requires it, local anesthetic can be used to make the procedure 100% comfortable. The treatment is extremely well tolerated by patients. Patients can walk into our office, undergo PDO threading, and expect to resume their normal, day to day lives anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days depending on the area of treatment.


Is it long lasting?

The unique advantage of thread lifts is that it provides immediate results. The wires that are placed under the dermal layer latches onto and pulls skin tissues, for an immediate lift, increased volume, and enhanced shape.

While the sutures will dissolve naturally within the first 6 months of placement, they quickly cause an increase in collagen production in the targeted area. This means that the effects will continually improve over the next 6 months. Although the wires will slowly dissolve within 6 months, Patients can expect to see results

last to 2 to 3 years after the initial procedure.


Is it affordable?

Absolutely! If you have ever been a patient at our Phoenix Anti-Aging clinic, you can attest to advanced services that are consistently more affordable than our competitors.


Starting now, we are offering incredible deals on our PDO thread lift services! Book your appointment before March and you can be the first in your area to receive a safe and natural looking Lip Definition PDO Treatment Special for only $300!


Looking for other PDO threading specials? Book before March of 2016 and we can offer the following special introductory prices:


  •  Lip Definition PDO Treatment Special $300
  •  Lines above the lip or Barcode treatment Special $375
  •  “11” Or Lines between eyebrow Treatment $400
  •  PDO Facelift Phase 1 $2200
  •  Check lift, Jaw lift, lip definition, barcode treatment
  •  Acne Scar Treatment both cheeks $900


*** Prices will increase in March! Call us at 480-599-8370 to make your appointment today ***

Smooth Lip Lines/Defining Lips

Ultra V Thread Lifts using PDO Threads

Smooth Lip Lines/Defining Lips

Ultra V Thread Lifts using PDO Threads

Smooth Lip Lines/Defining Lips

Ultra V Thread Lifts using PDO Threads

Need a Fresh Start for 2016?

Join Us for Our Upcoming Two-Week Detox Diet Starting Jan. 27th!

To quote the ever-wise, ever-youthful Jennifer Lopez, “You get what you give. What you put into things is what you get out of them.” At our clinic, we believe the same concept applies to your body. If you’re putting harmful environmental toxins into your body, you get low, sluggish energy and a bloated, aged appearance.


It’s that simple.

Fortunately, we make it just as simple to cleanse your body of harmful chemicals.

To help you achieve a more radiant, youthful, and slimmer you, we are hosting a two-week natural detox diet that begins on Wednesday, January 27th!


What are Detox Diets?

First off, relax. For many of you, the word “detox” conjures terrifying images of being hooked up to machines while IV’s suck away at the toxins in your blood. For others it’s the thought of being quarantined in a single room while your food intake is…basically non-existent. You hear “detox diets” and you think hunger, headaches, and weakness. If that’s your perception of a detox diet, prepare to be delightfully surprised.


Our detox program is a 2-week cleanse focusing on avoiding and ridding the body of harmful, environmental toxins. You can eat real foods and can even expect an increase in energy and well being by the third day. We provide the materials you need to keep your body toxin-free and healthy for an easy, at home cleanse. However, we also provide the power of group support throughout the two weeks. Your group will meet once a week for information on how to avoid toxins and to share progress, questions, and encouragement!


Why Detox?

 Toxins are everywhere in our modern world. Fabric softener, makeup, and even plastic containers are just a few household items known to contain dangerous chemicals. Even the most vigilant of us can consume any number of harmful toxins unknowingly throughout a single day. These toxins can have a serious impact on our health and have been linked to obesity, diabetes, weight gain, mood imbalances, premature aging, and more!


Benefits of detox diets:

  • Weight loss
  • Improved mood
  • Improved memory and mind function
  • Increase in energy
  • Lowered risk of chronic disease


How Does Our Detox Diet Work?

Our detox group will meet once a week. While the meetings are always optional, you will want to be there for the first week to pick up your 2 week cleanse kits and get instructions and handouts on how to avoid environmental toxins. To keep your body young, healthy, and full of energy, we suggest completing our detox program twice a year.


How to Avoid Caffeine Withdrawals

The week before the cleanse, be sure to wean yourself off of caffeine to avoid a bad headache throughout the actual detox. We suggest transitioning to green tea instead of coffee for the first few days and then weaning yourself off of the tea. This is important as a “caffeine headache” can ruin your detox experience.


What NOT to Eat

You will be instructed to avoid the following throughout your detox:

  • Wheat products (bread, pasta, cereals)
  • Sweets (sugar, cookies, cakes, candy)
  • Dairy (cheese, yogurt, milk)
  • Caffeine (coffee, black and green teas, energy drinks/sodas)
  • Alcohol (it’s just 2 weeks, leave the booze alone!)
  • Nuts- they are common allergens and reactive in the body


So, What CAN I Eat?

This cleanse is actually very easy to do once you decide to do it- we promise!



For breakfast you have a protein/detox shake. We provide the shakes and you can mix with water, coconut milk, or rice milk.  These shakes taste great and give you the protein to keep you full and to help your body move toxins through your detox pathways.



For lunch you will eat mostly vegetables and high quality protein (ideally organic). Be sure that your protein source is no larger than the size of your palm. At this time you will take the vitamin and supplement packet provided in your kit. This packet has the omega 3’s and multi vitamins you need to balance your blood sugar, boost your energy, and support your detox pathways.



For a mid afternoon snack you can have a second protein detox shake.



Dinner is similar to lunch and if you’re craving something sweet have a fruit for dessert. Be sure to have only ONE FRUIT per day.


Sign Up Today and Join Our Detox Diet Program


We are so excited to share our powerful detox diet program with you! Our upcoming program begins on January 27th.  Space is limited so be sure to call us today to reserve your spot (480) 599-8370. Visit our website for more information on how our two week detox works. We encourage you to take the first step towards a healthier, more youthful you!


At Anti-Aging Clinic, we are dedicated to helping our patients look and feel their absolute best no matter their age or health needs. We provide advanced and powerful alternatives to conventional healthcare with a focus on well-being and balance. For more information on our top-quality services, click here.


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