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Medical Marijuana Certification


Medical Marijuana Certification

Helping you meet the requirements of the state of Arizona

Are you nervous about obtaining the medical marijuana card?

Certainly there has been much controversy over marijuana- medical or otherwise; and this causes concern for most people.  We wish to set your mind at ease and answer your questions!

When you contact our office you are treated as a person and with respect because we care about you and your body pain and how to get you a solution that is best for you.  We are an alternative medical clinic and one of our specialties is chronic pain.  We work with patients on understanding medical cannabis options; science and research continue to explore natural alternatives to chemicals with adverse effects to ease chronic pain conditions and diseases.  There is even a strain of cannabis that helps that body utilize insulin more effectively, with a huge potential for diabetes.


What are the Most Common Benefits of Medical Cannabis?

• Relief from pain or temporary elimination of pain patterns

• Reduce blood pressure

• Help with sleep and rest

• Calming for the nervous system and anxiety

• Assists with appetite (decrease or increase depending on strain)

• Improves/elevates mood

• Can help to eliminate pharmaceutical drugs you may be taking.


What products or forms are available?

There is a minimum of 25 commonly used strains of medical cannabis which have different effects. There are strains that have been derived to focus on particular pain conditions and diseases. There are quite a variety of options. There are “med-ibles” (medicine enhanced edibles) which are food products, lotions, and tinctures.


You definitively do NOT have to SMOKE cannabis to arrive at pain relief;

If a person has a lung condition certainly that person would want to choose ingesting this medicine over inhaling it. The majority of people seeking this medicinal tool are not looking to alter their mind; but ARE looking to reduce their pain level.  There are many alternative form to taking the medicine besides smoking.

Questions about products or pricing are referred to local dispensaries; they are staffed with experts that are patient and willing to help.


Who is choosing medical cannabis?

People with ongoing, chronic and intractable pain.  We help all qualified persons

Chronic conditions come about in many ways; manual labor, car accidents, vision/eye trouble, retired military, surgeries, broken bones, sports injuries, and more.


Please read all the information below which explain the fees associated with the process totaling $350


Qualifying Debilitating Medical Conditions:


• Glaucoma

• Crohn’s Disease & IBS

• Cancer

• Hepatitis C

• Agitation of Alzheimer’s Disease


If you do not have one of the above issues you must fall under one of the following categories:

• Severe and Chronic Pain

• Persistent Muscle Spasms

• Severe Nausea

• Lack of appetite/wasting syndrome

• Seizures

• Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

• Medical records required for PTSD or Glaucoma


What to Bring to the Appointment:

• A valid form of ID: driver’s license, state ID, passport

• Medical records if you have them

o If you want us to obtain records we will need the physician’s Name and Address and approximate dates

• For patients on food stamps bring paperwork  titled Notice History

• Wear nothing on your head and be prepared for a photo

• Bring a list of all prescription medications currently taking.


The first step is to make an appointment by calling 480-599-8370


What to Expect:

We will have about ten pages of paperwork to fill out you can expect to be in the office 90 minutes total.  The doctor will ask you about what is happening in your body, how long you have been affected, how it has progressed, limitations to your daily life, as well as intensity and frequency of pain.  We will also require gentle range of motion to see capabilities and limitations.


FEES: $350 Total

• Our office charges $200 which includes: collection of medical records, time spent with the doctor doing a full evaluation, certification paperwork, a current photo taken in office, and we will complete full aspects of the online application on your behalf so it is filed that same day.

• The State charges $150 for the medical marijuana identification card (debit or credit cards acceptable, MasterCard or Visa)

• We do not take insurance


What are ozone injections/Prolozone?

Is a local injection to relive chronic pain and improve range of motion.   These are not steroid shots, which only cover up symptoms and do not actually heal. These injections include vitamins, local anesthetic and a small amount of dextrose followed by ozone gas, which eats up scar tissue and triggers stem cells generating new healing.  For these reasons prolozone is also part of our Scar Treatments.


Ozone Injection Benefits:

  • Relief from chronic pain
  • Improvement in ROM
  • Strengthens tendons and ligaments
  • Rebuilds Cartilage
  • knee pain and popping
  • try before surgery
  • use after surgery to heal correctly
  • shoulder/rotator cuff injuries
  • Low back pain
  • sciatica
  • neck pain
  • hip pain
  • wrist pain
  • ankle/foot pain
  • eats up scar tissue
  • trigger stem cells to rebuild area correctly


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