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Dr. Jillian,


Dr. Jillian
Naturopathic Medical Doctor

I am a graduate of the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ.

I am originally from Iowa where I grew up on a sheep ranch and learned hard work, adaptability, and perseverance. I enjoyed going for rides on our sheep, floating down the creek and collecting chicken eggs!

Before beginning medical school, I worked in a corporate environment for several years working with physicians to implement pharmaceuticals and dental supplies. After working with various doctors across the Midwest and seeing patients rely on pharmaceuticals without any improvements in their health, I realized I wanted to study medicine and look for the root cause of patient’s disease rather than continuing to initiate palliative care.

My focus is endocrinology, pediatrics, IV/injection and aesthetic treatments. I have been fortunate to study under naturopathic endocrinologist, Dr. Susan Williamson, Dr. Lillian Au, naturopathic pediatric specialist based in the Los Angeles area, and Dr. Melanie Icard, owner of the Anti-aging clinic here in phoenix.

I am certified in numerous IV therapies, joint injections, and various aesthetic trainings.  Being an artist all my life, I have come to thoroughly enjoy aesthetic treatments helping patients envision their ideal look and walk out the door feeling even more confident from the inside out.

My philosophy as I practice medicine is to continue honoring the naturopathic principals first and foremost. I am committed to treating the whole person, treating the root cause, and looking for the obstacle to cure.

Whether you’re a:

  • Mother that needs some hormone adjustments
  • Student with adrenal fatigue
  • Business man with insomnia
  • Athlete with joint pain/injury
  • Or a little one with a persistent ear infection……

I am here to listen to your concerns and navigate

Doctorate Of Naturopathic Medicine, Southwest College Of Naturopathic Medicine

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