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Weight management

Weight management

If you struggle with achieving or maintaining a healthy weight, you are not alone. Personalized programs address the many factors involved, including hormones, nutrition, stress, and metabolism.


Weight Loss/Diets

HCG Diet

HCG stands for Human Choriogonadotropin.  It is a super hormone that is produced by all individuals, men and women alike.  It is produced in large amounts by women during pregnancy and is known for being the catalyst hormone that stimulates the production of other hormones throughout the body.  These in turn, effect the body's metabolism, muscle tissue, digestion, liver functions and much more.  It is no secret that hormone function and balance is known to be one of the most common causes of weight challenges, especially severe obesity.  HCG helps to lose fat and not muscle while dieting.  We do a a three week course of tiny injections, diet, lifestyle, and appetite suppression.  This is an excellent way to shed pounds and inches.  Many participants lose up to an inch a week and a pound a day.



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We want everyone to look and feel his or her best. To live life pain free, without depression, anxiety, or chronic disease, looking and feeling amazing.

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