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We are experts in Holistic Regenerative Medicine and Aesthetics


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Dr. Melanie Icard

Intelligent Natural Medicine

Dr. Melanie Icard, NMD provides you and your family with truly top quality natural medicine that rebalances your body. Naturopathic medicine provides alternatives routes to healing that are different from conventional pills and surgery.



Holistic Care Phoenix

Angela Olson

Nurse Practitioner

Angela is our holistic and aesthetic nurse practitioner. She enjoys helping patients reach their health and beauty goals through the most natural and effective methods possible. 

She is PDO thread lift specialist.


Holistic Care Phoenix

Marysol Alderete

  • Colon Hydrotherapy
  • IV Certified
  • MA
  • Bilingual



Holistic Care Phoenix

Sean Finkle

Specializes in Reducing Physical Pain, PTSD, and Stress

Sean will hold a high vibrational space to assist you with immediate integration of your ketamine experience through the body. Specialty with healing music played for the body. Sound healing with Gong, frame drum and other live instruments. Over 20yr experience.  



Holistic Care Phoenix

Noe Hernandez

Medical Assistant

Noe has worked with Dr. Mel for 6 years, while having other experience in urgent care and pain management he has found naturopathic and regenerative medicine to be more beneficial for the community. He is IV certified and specializes in IVs and pain management. The community loves Noe for his sweet and grounding energy.


Holistic Care Phoenix

Michael Rader RN

Ketamine Specialist



Holistic Care Phoenix

Adyene Garcia




Holistic Care Phoenix


Customer Service Specialist



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