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We are experts in Holistic Regenerative Medicine and Aesthetics

At Butterfly Holistic center we want everyone to look and feel his or her best. To live life pain free, without depression, anxiety, or chronic disease, looking and feeling amazing. We strive to offer the most effective treatments from around the world. Continuous international and national training and gathering of the best treatments for our clients is a number one priority for us. We want to offer you the best results so you can enjoy your life. Find the healthy vitality feeling and confidence and beauty that you seek here with us! We offer an attentive clinic where you feel welcome and we can’t wait to meet and help you on your anti-aging journey!

Intelligent Natural Medicine

Dr. Melanie Icard, NMD provides you and your family with truly top quality natural medicine that re-balances your body. Naturopathic medicine provides alternatives routes to healing that are different from conventional pills and surgery.  

Dr Melanie Icard

Sarah Ricardo

Team Lead
IV Certified

Marysol Alderete

Colon Hydrotherapy
IV Certified

Angel Walters RN

Aesthetic RN

IV Certified

Naomi Fayzulayev, FNP-BC

Integrating traditional medicine with a holistic naturopathic approach

Adyene Garcia

Patient Care Coordinator

The Natural Look Promise

Don’t want to look fake or like you’ve had worked done? Neither do we.  We take pride in enhancing your own natural beauty or returning your face to the look of yourself at a younger age.  Less is more and we can always do more work, but it’s sometimes difficult to remove product already placed.  If you have fears of looking like a reality TV Star please rest assured we do not do that kind of work here.

Enhance your body, your appearance and your life with our full suite of natural and conventional treatments.


Our Office


State of the Art

"Beautifully decorated, professional clinic!!! Professional and courteous staff. Very well rounded practice. I will definitely be going back and recommend to all of my friends and acquaintances!!"

Beth Baltrusch

Happy Client

"Dr. Melanie is such a vibrant Doctor Who listens to her clients issues and helps find a natural remedy. I am excited for the results of my test to find out if I'm allergic to anything and I am sure she will help me get through my health issues. I referred Dr. Melanie to my sister who had the tests to see what she was allergic to and is very happy with the results and the service."

Tiffany Carlson-Richison

Great staff and professionalism

"I really enjoyed my session. Dr Icard and her assistant gave me the utmost quality of care i have ever known. The one on one consultation was easy and inviting. The procedures were done with great care. I would highly recommend the Anti-aging Clinic. I'm a customer for life."

Byron B

Love Love Love this place!!!!

"It is difficult to find a naturopath as well rounded and offering as many services as Dr. Melanie does! Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious and I want to send everybody I know to her for inspiration and healing! I love that she offers free clinics to expose more people to what is available! I have certainly found someone I hope to work with for many years and can refer friends and strangers too!"

Dorinda Deimund


“I received a gift of reflexology and I have no experience with it. I went in and wow, the atmosphere was relaxing, staff fab and I had no idea how badly my body needed treatment and how so many areas responded in a positive manner. I highly recommend this professional clinic for long term health and wellness to anyone who has ever wanted to explore complete wellness. Plus....There are so many more exciting services I will explore and implement into my life at this clinic!! Excellent Facility.”

Beth Baltrusch

First Timers

“Anti-Aging clinic was very friendly and hopeful as it our first time. They walked us through each step of the way! We actually just moved from GA to AZ and they provide some many hot spots and placing to visit. I am was very pleased, and so was my partner.”

Scott Sanor

Blood Ozone

“Greetings: For those searching for a healing experience along with an impressive array of anti-aging, non-invasive procedures, I strongly advise checking out Dr. Melanie and her impressive, professional staff. Don’t let the relaxed friendly atmosphere deceive you. These are effective, well trained and caring professionals. While Dr. Melanie is quite engaging and disarming, be advised that she really knows her healing craft, and is up to date on the latest, advanced procedures. My experience was with the Blood Ozone, which I had thoroughly looked into and was rewarded with very effective treatment and care. I would urge anyone to investigate this modality, and Dr. Melanie and her staff provides the best you can get. I needed relief from cancer radiation side effects. The treatments reversed the negative side effects. My energy and vitality quickly returned from the first treatment through the third. Actually it was quite amazing and the clinical environment is really what the medical profession should aspire to – friendly, caring, while professional and effective. From the onset, Dr. Melanie sat me down and spent the time with me in order to truly tailor just what I needed – far from the assembly line approach previously experienced and delivered from the mainstream. Her staff is experienced and literate- obviously employed with great care and consideration. I was treated like a real person from the beginning throughout. My wife experienced the same and is also progressing nicely. We feel like we have found a medical home We are so happy and grateful to have found her along with her super staff. ”

Craig Gutchow

Beyond awesome experience

"Seriously, I have been doing little non invasive skin treatments over the years, but never have I had an experience from the service provided by Dr.Mel and her staff. There is just something special and unique in their techniques and I can not express enough that you KNOW THEY CARE!!!! You walk away already feeling better and seeing improvements. I want to tell the world about this. You just have to go to know what I mean. Love yourself enough to JUST GO there! I Promise, you'll thank yourself!"

Ann C

Miraculous Ozone

“I am retired. I play the violin, read, take care of my family and cats. I was diagnosed with dry macular degeneration three years ago, and was not able to be treated by traditional doctors. My condition feels like you’re looking through smoke that doesn’t clear up. Not being able to read books and music kept getting worse. I made an appointment with Dr. Mel on April 15, 2015. After my first ozone treatment with IV and UV light, I noticed that I could read the numbers on my scale. The next week, I noticed that I could read my speedometer numbers in my car. Just last night before my 6th treatment, I noticed I could read my digital alarm numbers from across the room. I believe I will keep getting better.”

Eleanor, Age 84

Migraines, Eye Vision Facials and more

"I don't usually write reviews but I have been treated by Dr. Melanie Icard since she opened her practice and she has been AWESOME. She is over the top and very much different from any other clinics, she is a wonderful doctor that has treated/controlled with ozone therapy my terrible  migraines and helped improve my eye vision. She takes time and listens to all your health concerns and comes up with solutions in different ways to come to the root of the problem, it can be by ordering lab work, help you with the diet plan, detox, vitamins plan,etc.

What I like from her is that she is very human and her assistant Neomi is great too. It is a very relaxed environment and the facial treatments are the latest, I just tried the mesotherapy and European facial with growth factors and love the results. I highly recommend Dr melani Icard, she has been amazing treating my health issues, have educated me with my diet and vitamins that I should be taking on the daily basis plus her facial treatments have rejuvenated me."

Sharon Romero
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