Beauty from the inside with our ​Amniocyte Protocol

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​Amniocyte Beauty Treatment One Area $1750 Two areas $​3000 Three Areas $4​200
(Amniocyte Treatment One Area regular price $2500)

​​Amniocyte treatments are not only making you skin looks amazing, it also heals and rejuvenate deeper layer of our tissues, remove scar tissue, bring stem cells to the area. With amniocyte beauty injection you get resaluts that last and really take the years of your skin.

Dr. Melanie Icard

Naturopathic Medical Doctor

You will be assessed by Dr. Icard to see if you are a good candidate for ​Amniocyte Injection Therapy and Given a Treatment Plan

Who doesn't loves beautiful skin? Regenerative medicine is awesome in aesthetics because it allows us to actually reverse aging in our skin.  Amniocytes with PRP are infused under the skin
using a cannula to minimize bruising, this technique has been referred to as the Liquid Facelift.  You will Love it!!

We recommend combining with anti-aging peptides for the best results.​

What You’ll Do Before the Appointment

Gather any recent lab work, and imaging so we can understand you current state.  Try to have a list of all current supplements and medications as well.  ​For regenerative treatments please avoid NSAIDs and fish oil at least 3 days before and after,
and if you have done steroid treatments please make sure to discuss at scheduling.

What Happens During the Appoinment

After some brief paperwork you will meet one on one with Dr. Icard to make a personalized healing or aesthetic plan.  We may need some labs or imaging.  We can begin with prolozone to the pain area or schedule for a time to begin your regenerative medicine injection therapy.  German Homeopathics may be added as needed.

What's Next?

It's normal to have inflammation and a dull aching pain for a few days after initial injections and then begin to notice alleviation of your pain syndrome.   Please practice all suggestions at home to enhance your healing potential. Amniocytes will be scheduled on a case by case basis but usually 1-2 weeks after prolozone.

About Dr. Melanie Icard

Dr. Icard is the founder and owner of Anti-Aging Clinic  where she specializes in regenerative medicine.  It brings her and her team so much joy to see their clients enjoying their lives healed from their pain syndromes. Dr. Icard continues to expand her toolbox and techniques focusing on the most natural, regenerative, and effective techniques with minimal downtime.  She also promotes holistic treatments for the best results. The clinic and staff are warm and welcoming.  We can't wait to meet you! 

Why Others Recommend Having ​Amniocyte Regenerative Injections

We may think we know what we want but we do not know all the options available and having an expert's input can be eye opening.  This is a free informational session with no pressure​

Phil s


I was suffering from mouse finger from working on the computer long hours.  I was thrilled at my recovery from only one session of injections and still feel great years later.

Andres G


I was skeptical after a ACL tear that regenerative medicine would work for me but my mother insisted I try it before having surgery.  I was very happy to go back for a booster shot when I found my self able to hike and skateboard after only a month of healing.  I recommend all my friends to go see Dr. Melanie.

Thomas s 


I was told my knees were bone and bone and surgery was my only option.  I refused to believe that and am so glad I found Dr. Melanie.  I believe she is a miracle worker.  I felt amazing after my first injections but came back for a second set to ensure it stayed that way.

What Are You Waiting For? You can ​enjoy the amazing regenerative power of Amniocyte for health and beauty!!!!!

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