​Anti​Viral Immune Boosting Protocol

​The Best offense​ is a good defense

Our Antiviral Immune Boosting Package Includes a free Intake with the physician so you can Start an Immune Boosting Anti-Viral Program with Ozone Therapies to help your body build best defense system as soon as possible.

Did you know that there are immune boosting and anti-viral therapies available?  And most of them are natural and very safe and non-toxic, as well as scientifically proven.

​We regularly use:

  • ​Ozone Therapies
  • ​UV Light IV
  • ​Vitamin D Injections
  • Hydrogen Peroxide IVs
  • Glutathione and Vitamin C IVs
  • Moringa
  • German Homeipathics

Dr. Melanie Icard

Naturopathic Medical Doctor

You will be assessed by Dr. Icard to learn about the AntiViral & Immune Boosting Protocol and decide best Treatment Plan to assure best AntiViral defense for you and your lifestyle and budget.

Ozone therapy is a clinic favorite and has been used widely throughout the world.  Ozone improves many physiological parameters for infection defense.  It is one of a few therapies that is truly antimicrobial, including antiviral.  It has been shown topically to treat resistant infections such as MRSA. Ozonides from the treatment will continuing working in your body system for days.  On top of the antimicrobial properties ozone is also; detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, immune balancing (so good in autoimmune conditions) and alleviates pain for many people.  On top of killing infections and boosting our immune systems it is also important to have our chronic conditions well controlled so we are not more susceptible to acute infections.  Ozone is a great tool for all of this.

Hydrogen Peroxide IVs are another great option that is immune boosting and anti-viral.  We utilize it in acute infections at our clinic and in place of ozone for clients that are adverse to blood being drawn for personal reasons.

Vitamin D is working like a hormone in our bodies with so many beneficial effects from body pain to depression.  In this time we are utilizing it for its immune boosting and balancing properties, it decreases inflammation and is scientifically shown to decrease susceptibility to acute respiratory Infections, among other types of infections.

Adding German Homeopathic such as Engytstol to IVs is very beneficial for improving overall health and our clients love the results.

What You’ll Do Before the Appointment

We need to do an initial intake be aware of any medications and supplements you take.  A list is helpful and much appreciated.

 Make sure to have something to eat if you will be starting IV therapy it is recommended to not have an empty stomach.  

If you have a fever or cough please call to reschedule your appointment.

What Happens During the Appoinment

After some brief paperwork you will meet one on one with Dr. Icard to make a personalized healing plan.  We may need some labs or imaging.  We will start the IV therapy and likely high dose Vitamin D to get you kick started on immune boosting ASAP.  

We have a recommended diet and lifestyle plan to decrease inflammation and not suppress your immune system.

What's Next?

​You should try to follow the diet and lifestyle we recommend as a way of life. At least take some of our advices that feel right for you and keep them.

Our AntiViral Immune Boosting Protocol is a powerful kick-starter to getting control over your health and life.

Our most important asset in life is indeed our general health and now is the time to gain control over it..

About Dr. Melanie Icard

Dr. Icard is the founder and owner of Anti-Aging Clinic  where she specializes in regenerative medicine and ozone therapy.  It brings her and her team so much joy to see their clients enjoying their lives healed from any "chronic" conditions and feeling their best. Dr. Icard continues to expand her toolbox and techniques focusing on the most natural, regenerative, and effective techniques with minimal downtime.  She also promotes holistic treatments for the best results. The clinic and staff are warm and welcoming.  We can't wait to meet you! 

Why Others Recommend Having AntiViral Immune Boosting

We may think we know what we want but we do not know all the options available and having an expert's input can be eye opening.  This is a free informational session with no pressure​

​Joe U.

​Had a great experience at this clinic. Was suffering from fatigue and cold like symptoms and the vitamin shots and ozone therapy had me back to feeling great by the next day. The staff was very friendly and the prices were very reasonable in comparison to similar services offered elsewhere

​Nicole s.

​Dr Melenie is amazing I had explant surgery (removal of breast implants) and she has helped me with so much I don’t know where to start.... this place is a one stop shop... she has helped improve my energy level, thyroid and hormone balancing and gut health... I had SIBO and my gut health is important maintain. She will formulate a specific plan for you, she even does medical esthetics... she is intuitive and resourceful and travels the world to find the best and most innovative natural medicine and passes that along to her patients!!!!

​Jodi S.

​​I took my mom who is 79 to see Dr. Mel for some alternatives that are NOT prescription meds! The staff is amazing, patient and kind. They answered my many questions before my appt and during the appt. They offer so many life enhancing services that I love learning about!

What Are You Waiting For? ​Let us share with you our advanced AntiViral Immune Boosting Protocol!!!!!!

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