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Beauty Medical Aesthetic Services

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) utilizes concentrated
platelets containing growth factors that cause a
regenerative effect on the skin, tissues, ligaments,
and tendons. PRP can slow/reverse the signs of
aging and has shown excellent results for the skin,
collagen as well as healing injuries.

Glutathione IV Drip
Glutathione IV drip

A stronger antixoidant than vitamin C,
the main substance that assists our body
in detoxification. A quick 15 minute IV
that is beneficial for skin and health.

Hair Loss Treatments
Hair Loss Treatments

PRP comes from your blood. We isolate
it and use to generate new healing.Works
well for chronic pain, facial rejuvenation
collagen building, hair growth, wound
healing & more.

WiQo PRX-T33 Skin Bio-Stimulation
WiQo PRX-T33 Skin Bio-Stimulation

A topical, painless treatment, with no downtime, and efficient anti-aging results. No needles needed, immediate firming of skin, natural result , absolutely safe and safe in summer months.

This Treatment is for:

  • Anti-Aging Skin
  • Skin Beauty Maintenance
  • Crepey Skin
  • Stretch Marks and Scars
  • Skin Tightening

This Treatment is Applied to:

  • Face, neck and declotette (typical treattment)
  • Crepey Skin on the Body
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Abdomen
  • Outer Labia

Typical Treatments are done in a 4 series 1-2 weeks apart, other cases may require an initial series of 6. Maintenance is suggested quarterly to maintain beautiful skin. Packages are available. Can be combined with micro-needling.

ECHO2 Oxygen Facial
ECHO2 Oxygen Facial

Oxygen depletion has significant and noticable effects on our skin’s health and appearance. ECHO2 infuses 180 million oxygen molecules per second combined with proprietary vitamin and mineral solution. Leaving your skin feeling nourished, hydrated, soothed and rejuvenated.

ECHO2 Stands For:

  • Exfoliation
  • Cleansing
  • Hydration
  • Oxygenation

Recover from procedures

Nourish and hydrate your skin

Start with a 6 series and treat yourself once a month for healthy hydrated skin



PRP And Plasma Gel Stem Cell Activating Facelift
PRP and Plasma Gel Stem Cell Activating Facelift

In this European procedure we use your prp
as a filler under the skin for increased volume
and more beautiful, glowing skin. It stimulates
your body to make new collagen.

PRP/Ozone Vaginal Reguvination
PRP/Ozone Vaginal Reguvination

A treatment for increase bladder
control, increased orgasm, and
vaginal tissue rejuvenation.

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers
Hyaluronic Acid Fillers
HA fillers are great for adding a non

permanent volume enhancement to
different areas of the face, giving a
more rested and youthful appearance.

Hyper-Diluted Radiesse For Skin Tightening And Toning
Hyper-Diluted Radiesse for Skin Tightening and Toning

An excellent minimally invasive therapy for toning and rejuvenating soft tissue in the face, neck, and body.  Treatments are relatively painless and have little to no downtime, the should be repeated in 6 weeks for best results and touched up approximately every 2 years.

Radiesse is a bio-compatible, biodegradable, and resorbable biostimulatory filler that can stimulate the production of type 1 and 2 collagen.  Hyper-dilute Radiesse has shown to tighten skin and increase skin elasticity.

Sculptra Butt Fill/Hip Dip Fill
Sculptra Butt Fill/Hip Dip Fill

We lose volume in our butts as we age, especially in the outer quadrant and hips. Filling these in with Sculptra can enhance that feminine apple bottom with little to no downtime. It is also an excellent treatment for cellulite and/or BBL touch-up/correction.

2-6 vials per treatment with a series of 3-4, treatments should be 2 months apart to allow for regeneration to build on top of.


Lipolysis Injections
Lipolysis Injections

Mesotherapy injections of phosphatidylcholine
and deoxycholate to permanently destroy fat
cells. Great for body sculpting.

Ozone IV
Ozone IV

Ozone increases oxygen utilization. Decreased
oxygen utilization accelerate the aging process.
We recommend a minimum of 3 ozone IVs before
any PRP aesthetics procedure to keep the
body healthy to rebuild the affected area.

Ultra V Thread Lifts Using PDO Threads
Ultra V Thread Lifts using PDO Threads

The newest technology in facial rejuvenation
from Europe. Lifts and fills and also triggers
your body to make new collagen so it improves
over time.

Diamond Polar Treatments
Diamond Polar Treatments

Excellent treatment for tightening and
plumping the skin on the face and neck.
Non-invasive and pain free.


A simple procedure to get rid of unsightly
spider veins on the legs.

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PRP Breast Lift/Fill
PRP Breast Lift/Fill

Naturally enhance your breasts
and improve the skin texture.

Scar Therapies
Scar Therapies

Scars are not only unsightly but actually
block energy flow . Through a combination of
PRP, prolozone injections, vitamin C, and micro
needling we have achieved great reduction
to scar tissue.

Venus Viva
Venus Viva

A quick and effective treatment for
increasing collagen, excellent for
acne scars and rosacea, enlarged
pores, deep wrinkles, skin discoloration,
and uneven skin texture. Featured on
The Doctors.

Bio-Stimulant Fillers
Bio-Stimulant Fillers

Finally a long lasting filler that also improves your skin and builds collagen.

We love Sculptra for gluteal/butt enhancement as well as filling the hip dips and cellulite dips.  Sculptra Butt Lift is a relatively drama free procedure and an excellent option for women wanting a rounder rear without surgery or perhaps are too thin for fat transfer, it’s also nice for touchups after a fat transfer procedure for dips and cellulite.

Detailed Treatment Information

Click on the treatment that you want to explore below.

What is PRP or PLASMA? Where does it come from? How do you extract it? How do you prepare it? What can it be used for?

PRP is concentrated growth factors from your blood that we isolate and use to generate new healing. This has many applications including; chronic pain treatments, facial rejuvenation and collagen building, hair growth, wound healing & more.

This is an aesthetics procedure that brings back the volume to the face. Great for filling in hollows under the eyes, lifting cheekbones for a youthful look, diminishing nasolabial lines, enlarging and filling the lips. We use the most advanced technology from around the world to offer our patients the best. With our technique that utilizes a plasma gel machine patients get better and longer lasting results. We suggest three treatments 21-30 days a part. This is because on day 21 your body starts cross linking collagen and the growth factors signal to your body to put more collagen in the areas we have treated with the PRP.

A popular muscle relaxant that reduces/removes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the eyes, on the forehead and the area between the eyes called the glabella. Botox is also good for “bunny” lines on the sides of the nose, to reduce frown lines at the corner of the mouth and other areas of the face. Botox has also shown too decrease tension in the TMJ from clenching and some cases of migraines. Lasts an average of 3 months.

“Oxidative damage causes aging. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant. We recommend a series of glutathione IV drips following any aesthetics procedure and as anti aging maintenance. Glutathione is also essential in your body’s detoxification process and highly recommended in a detox protocol. Glutathione has shown to decrease lines and wrinkles and increase the hydration of the skin. Glutathione is also excellent for hyperpigmentation treatment (dark or brown spots on the skin.

We can also prescribe a special glutathione cream for you to use at home!”

PRP is growth factors from your own blood. In this treatment the prp is injected into the outer labia for rejuvenating and plumping the tissue, around the clitoris for increased sexual stimulation, and inside the vagina at the G spot; for rejuvenating the tissue inside the vagina and increasing the G spot. Expect to see results at 21 days, although patients have reported immediate effects as well.

We isolate the best growth factors from your blood and do microinjections superficially in the skin. You will notice an immediate glow but the formation of new collagen will continue over time. We recommend a series of 3 treatments one month apart.

  1. Ultimate Growth Factor Facial Treatment with ozone mesotherapy
  2. Growth Factor Mesotherapy; face, neck, Décolletage, and backs of hands
  3. Fill in areas of collagen and fat pad loss with the PRP plasma gel for an instant face lift effect
  4. PRP collagen induction therapy with Eclipse MIcropen to face neck, décolletage and backs of hands
  5. Growth Factor Mask

Initially a series of 3-4 treatments may be needed, after which touch ups are recommended 1-2 times a year.

Is an excellent treatment for fine lines, acne, acne scars, shrinking pores, uneven skin color, texture, and tone. Visible improvement will be seen in melasma, stretch marks, and scars. We use the Eclipse MicroPen that utilizes tiny needles to create controlled micro-trauma, which induces collagen and elastin production. Hyaluronic acid is used for a nice filling and plumping effect to the skin. Other recommended options are using PRP and vitamin C with your MicroPen Facial for an enhanced effect. We recommend treating the neck, décolleté, and back of the hands along with the face for skin rejuvenation by this technique. This treatment is excellent for; scars, shrinking pores, evening skin tone, treating melasma, shrinking fine lines, acne, acne scars, stretch marks, and for having beautiful glowing skin. Don’t want your blood drawn but want the effect of the prp facial, for an additional fee we have growth factors available for you!

Juvaderm UltraExcellent choice for enhancing the lips and fill small areas of volume loss and larger “lines”. Lasts up to 6 months.

Juvaderm VolumaThis is a thicker and longer lasting hyaluronic acid the is excellent for lifting nasolabial folds, filling in fat pad loss of the cheek and returning the apple cheeks of a youthful face. Lasts up to 2 years.

Permanently destroys fat cells in unwanted areas by utilizing micro-injections of a combination of phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate. Excellent for these body areas:

  • Lower abdomen
  • Upper Abdomen
  • “Love Handles”
  • Tricep Fat Inner thighs
  • Outer Thighs
  • Cellulite
  • And more!!!

In this treatment, a chemical solution is applied to the skin, which makes it “blister” and eventually peel off. The new skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin. Chemical peels can be done on the face, neck, or hands.

They can be used to:Reduce fine lines under the eyes and around the mouth. Treat wrinkles caused by sun damage and aging. Improve the appearance of mild scars. Treat certain types of acne. Reduce age spots, freckles, and dark patches (melasma) due to pregnancy or taking birth control pills. Improve the look and feel of skin.

An ozone IV is vital in any anti-aging protocol. It is anti-microbial so kills viruses, bacteria, candida, and parasites. It is an excellent treatment for both chronic and acute infections. Ozone works as a modulator, so it can bring you up if you are low in something, or bring you down if your are excessive in something. Because of this and other reasons ozone works great in autoimmune diseases, chronic infections, and as an adjunctive cancer treatment. Ozone has been shown to suppress the herpes virus. Macular degeneration is an age related degeneration of eyesight that has shown impressive improvements with ozone IVs. Ozone activates the mitochondria which are the powerhouses of our cells and make energy, for these reasons ozone is great for fatigue, sports recovery and detoxification. We recommend a minimum of 3 ozone IVs before any PRP aesthetics procedure to keep the body healthy to rebuild the area for which we are applying the prp.

Ozone IV Benefits:

  • Suppresses Viruses including
  • Herpes
  • HIV
  • Influenza
  • Increases immune system
  • Balances immune system for Autoimmune and cancer conditions
  • Kills Yeast, Parasites, Bacteria, and Viruses
  • Increases Energy by Activating Mitochondria, the Power House of our Cells
  • Detoxification; Helps remove Toxins from our bodies from environment, work, and drugs
  • Anti-Aging Treatment

Fill your breast in areas needed with growth factors from your own blood. This does do a physically filling but overtime the growth factors trigger rejuvenation leading to fuller and more lifted breasts. Women notice bras and clothes fitting better usually after the 2nd treatment. We recommend a minimum of 3-4 Treatments. This is a quick out patient procedure with minimal to no down time.

ECHO2 Infuses 180 million oxygen molecules per second combined with proprietary blend of concentrated vitamin and mineral solutions.

Leave your skin feeling

  • Nourished
  • Hydrated
  • Soothed
  • Rejuvenated

Increase cellular metabolism, revive the skins regenerative ability, dimish UV damage, improve skin tone and texture, increase skin hydration, reverse fine lines. We recommend a 6 series and taking home the oxygen cream as a daily moisturizer.


Introducing Ultra V Thread Lifts using PDO Threads with Dr. Melanie Icard. A revolutionary, non-surgical cosmetic solution that tightens, lifts, and defines. Immediate effects. Minimal pain and downtime. PDO Threading: Non-surgical. Latest cosmetic enhancement from Europe & Asia. Safe, natural, and biocompatible materials. Immediate effects that continually improve over time. Results last 2-3 years

Can be used for:Cheek lifts, Jowl lifts, Neck definition, Smooth lip Lines/Defining lips, Removing lines between eyebrows, Breast lift, Cleavage rejuvenation, Treatment for acne scars and large pores

This skin resurfacing treatment uses tiny pins that safely deliver heat via NanoFractional Radio Frequency, creating tiny micro-dermal wounds. This process triggers the skin regeneration process. This treatment is much more comfortable than traditional CO2 laser procedures. The down time is 24 hours of redness and no makeup or anything on the treated area. After 24 hours you can return to your normal skin care return. This treatment is safe for all skin tones. Most clients require a series of 3 treatments a month apart and then once a year for maintenance.

A non-invasive pleasant procedure for tightening the skin. Recommend a series of 6 treatments a week apart for lasting results. For maintenance one quarterly treatment is recommended. This treatment is recommended for anyone with skin laxity, especially before a volume enhancement (filler/fat transfer) or lifting (PDO=thread lift) procedure to get the best results.

Treatment Areas for Tightening:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Under arms

Many of us may notice veins on the legs that were not there before. The god news is you do not have to live with it. This is more common for those of us that have occupations or hobbies that require long periods of standing like nursing, or hairstyling. For those that do stand for long periods we do recommend using compression stockings to prevent spider veins.

The procedure is relatively painless as we use Asclera and not hypertonic saline for our sclerotherapy. Typical treatments are 30 minutes and we wrap your legs with compression bandages. Your aftercare will be to wear compression stockings day and night for the first 2 days and then daily for 2 weeks. This is to prevent the veins from re-opening. The process takes 6 weeks for completion as your immune system will come in and cleanup the un-needed veins after treatment.

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