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Need a Fresh Start? Join Us for One of Our Two-Week Detox Diets

To quote the ever-wise, ever-youthful Jennifer Lopez, “You get what you give. What you put into things is what you…

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Can Botox® Stop Heavy Underarm Sweating?

Have you ever wondered if you sweat more than the average person? If you find yourself dripping in sweat even…

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PRP Micropen Facials: The Natural, Non-surgical Facelift

Benefits of PRP micropen facials: Eliminates dark circles and puffiness around eyes Removes fine lines, sagging around mouth, cheeks, eyes,…

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The All-Natural, Rejuvenating “ALMI™” procedure: Fat transfer + PRP

“Nothing good lasts forever.” Unfortunately, even our smooth, youthful skin falls victim to this age-old adage. In fact, adults over…

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PDO Threading: Need a More Youthful Neck and Décolletage Area?

The “décolletage” is one of the more forgotten areas of the female body which is unfortunate because it’s also one…

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“Cryoclear®” Pen: The New Cryotherapy Treatment in Phoenix

Anti-Aging LLC is excited to introduce Cryoclear® Pen Treatments: the latest and most advanced cryotherapy treatment available to Phoenix, AZ…

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CooLifting in Phoenix, AZ: A Face Lift—Without the Surgery

5 Minutes Erases 10 Years At Anti-Aging Clinic, we’re somewhat obsessed with bringing our patients the newest, most innovative treatments.…

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PDO Thread Lifts Now at Phoenix Anti-Aging Clinic!

After intensive months of training, Dr. Melanie Icard at Anti-Aging Clinic in Phoenix is excited to offer the best aesthetic procedure we…

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