Enjoy Spontaneous and Passionate Sex without Drugs or Surgery

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Erectile Function  is not just about sex, it's about being able to connect with your partner in a special energetic way, it's about feeling confident and good about yourself. Decreased erectile function is common and it starts young; 40% of men in their 40's complain about decreased erectile function and it only goes up in incidence from there.

Dr. Melanie Icard

Founder of Anti-Aging Clinic

Why Men Choose to Work with Us

Benefits from Men's Sexual Regenerative Program:

- Increased Erectile Function

- Improved Peyronie's Disease (Penile Scar Tissue)

- Increased Sexual Function & Performance

-Increased Penile Size

-Better Orgasms

-Less Recovery Time

- Not be Dependent on Drugs like Viagra

- Increased Self-Confidence

Other Reasons Men come to See Us :

- Prostate Health



- Testosterone Replacement

- Hair Regrowth

- Growth Hormone 

- Energy and Stress Support

-Peptide Therapy

About the Program

We have spent the past 3 years researching, developing and testing our unique ‘Male Sexual Regeneration Program’ which is a holistic whole body regenerative approach for supporting Erectile Function and your Circulatory System as well as your body's ability to Spontaneously Enjoy Passionate Sex...

This method gives us a predictable framework for assessing and delivering care to our clients and we want to offer that to you...

So if you're ready to enhance your Sexual Life and your general health and want a holistic way to support and regenerate your body then book a consultation with Dr. Icard and let’s see if we can help…

What have you got to lose?

Imagine how life will be being fully functional in the bedroom like you were in your 20's!

Dr. Melanie Icard is the owner and medical director of Anti-Aging Clinic LLC in Phoenix where she specializes in holistic regenerative medicine.  The clinic focus is on effective natural solutions that actually heal the clients, not temporary bandaid solutions.  

See how the Program has Helped Some of Our Clients

The Male Sexual Regeneration Program is for men young and old and has a multitude of positive effects.  There is no shame in getting help or being proactive rather than reactive.  There are options available that deliver results. 

John D

Retired Physician

"The results have been phenomenal.  I had been suffering not only from ED but also Peyronie's disease and decreased urinary stream.  After my first combination treatment I had improvements in all 3 areas and an increase in size as well.  My confidence is back and I'm ready to get back out there again."

Paul d

"I gave up on having erections like I use to when I was young. I didn't know there are real solutions to my problem and thought that it's just part of life and I have to accept it. A friend told me about Dr. Icard and I decided to give it a shot. I'm a new man thanks to the program she made for me. I could see the difference after few days, and it keeps getting better!!!"

John k.

Real Estate

"The entire staff at Butterfly Holistic Anti-Aging Clinic is very responsive to my needs and everyone always has a smile on. Melanie has been treating me for several years now and I feel like I am 15 years younger then when I started seeing her. Melanie has put me on a path to total health without prescription drugs and my life is 100% better following her advice and treatments. I would highly recommend Butterfly Holistic Anti-Aging Clinic for anyone who wants real health in this world."

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Improve Your Sex Life and Confidence!

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