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Gainswave Erectile Function

Gainswave is an excellent anti-aging treatment for men looking for better erections or stronger sexual performance.

Its painless, there is no downtime, and it is effective.

Ultrasound shockwave help to break small plaques in the vessel supply and encourage new vessels and nerves to generate, as well as loosening tight muscles in the area.

Must do a minimum 6 treatments initially for good results.

Can combine with a male injection shot of prp, exosomes, or amniocytes

Other important components:

  • Stress Management
  • Hormone Balancing
  • Sugar Balance
  • Blood Pressure
  • Mind body component

We offer a $120 consult which is applied to treatment to explain more about this protocol and answer all of your questions.

Gainswave Peyronie's Treatment

Gainswave is an excellent anti-aging treatment for men  with Peyronie’s a curvature in trepans that can be associated with high blood sugar or a sexual injury and can make erections painful and also effect self-esteem.

We highly recommend our Peyronie’s patients to use a Phoenix Pro Device to Enhance their treatment effectiveness and keep the process going at home.

Its painless, there is no downtime, and it is effective.

Ultrasound shockwave help to break up the scar tissue in the area

Must do a minimum 10 treatments initially for good results.

Can combine with a male injection shot of prp, exosomes, or amniocytes

Other important components:

  • Anti-inflammatory diet
  • Stress Management
  • Hormone Balancing
  • Sugar Balance
  • Blood Pressure
  • Mind body component

We offer free consults to explain more about this protocol and answer all of your questions

Male Sexual Regeneration Injection with PRP

Injections of your PRP directly into the penis to treat the local area.

Improves sensation, erections, and may increase size. Often done in a series.

Topically numbing is applied and 5 injection sites will be utilized.

This is a quick and non traumatic procedure.

Excellent in combination with Gainswave and hormone balancing and diet and lifestyle modifications.

Bio-Identical Hormone Balancing

Imbalance of hormones especially sex hormones effects our libido, sexual organs and enjoyment of sex and performance.

Balancing these hormones with safe plant based bio-identical hormones can have us feeling better, looking better, and having our libido back.

You always need to support the liver, adrenals and thyroid to be able to have a healthy hormone balance.

Herpes Treatment

There is no cure for herpes, but can be managed with diet and lifestyle changes. 1 in 8 people of reproductive age have genital herpes and 1 in 2 people of reproductive age are infected with HSV1 which causes the oral herpes blisters.  Reduction of breakouts can be done with simple lifestyle and diet changes.  Active herpes can be alleviated and breakouts suppressed through a combination of natural therapies including ozone sauna, ozone IVs, hydrogen peroxide IVs.

Excellent topical treatments include ozone olive oil and moringa plant oil.

Don’t let this annoying skin condition bother you.

PT-141 "Sexy Time" Peptide

A very popular peptide for both the men and women. Taken as needed to enhance sexy time!

For men it gives strong erections by working on the brain and nerves and naturally producing more dopamine in the body. It gives strong erections and that can be easily rearoused.

For women it heightens desire and sensation and allowing for more and stronger orgasms, or allows those previously blocked to allow orgasms.

A very fun and well appreciated peptide.

Femiwave Vaginal Rejuvenation

No pain, no downtime, and effective.

See tightening and plumping of the labia, increased vaginal tone, increased lubrication, better urinary control, and better sexual pleasure.

We recommend a series of six, once a week for six weeks.  Better urinary control and more youthful appearance of labia is usually noted after 2 sessions.

We recommend using a yoni egg at home to exercise vaginal muscles and keep energy in that area for regeneration. We prescribe E3 “the good estrogen” to also help rejuvenate vaginal tissue as part of our protocol.

This treatment is nicely combined with the female shot which could be:

  • PRP
  • Exosomes
  • Amniocytes
Female Regenerative Injection with PRP

A quick and low pain procedure that is anti aging for female sexual and urinary health.

Topical numbing cream will be applied and injections to labia, around clitoris, close to urethral opening and G Spot will be done with your chosen modality:

  • PRP
  • Ozone
  • PDO Threads
  • Fillers and Bio-Stimulant Fillers

Is excellent in combination with Femiwave and bio-identical hormone balancing.

Is not as effective in individuals that smoke cigarettes.

PDO Threads for Vaginal Rejuvenation

PDO threads were initially used as a suture in pediatric cardiac surgery.  It is a very safe substance that dissolve in about 6 months to only carbon dioxide and water. After being placed it will provide strength and structure to an area will stimulating rejuvenation by the growth factors in the body.

PDO mono threads can be placed in the vaginal wall to help increase tone and structure.

Scream Cream

This is a special bio-identical cream prescription for women to increase sexual pleasure and orgasm.  Be sure to be well hydrated to absorb the cream well.  Apply 30 minutes before sexual activities.

Ozone for Vaginal Insufflation

Because ozone is antimicrobial it is excellent for a variety of infections.

Our clients find ozone very effective in yeast infections, even those that do not respond to typical over the counter treatments like Monistat.

Ozone vaginally is also useful for Bacterial vaginosis, and herpes treatment or prevention.

Most clients prefer to take their insufflation bag home to use in the privacy of their own home.  It is a simple noninvasive and effective treatment.

Phoenix Pro Home Device for Men

Enhance your clinic treatments at home for ED, Peyronies, or increased sexual function.

In the privacy of your own home apply shockwave therapy that is efficient at improving blood flow and strengthening erections as well as breaking down stubborn scar tissue.

The Phoenix Pro is available for sale at the clinic

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What They Say

Diana GelinskeDiana Gelinske
15:40 08 Jul 22
I want to say thank you for giving me back my confidence! I couldn’t be happier with the care and love I received from Doctor Mel and her staff! They always have specials. They all make you feel so special from the moment you walk in. Marisol her assistant is fantastic! I love this place! I wish more businesses were as mindful as they are.
An HoAn Ho
18:33 26 May 22
My first impression was great! Good vibes, all the staffs were very nice and genuine. They gave me snacks and made sure everything was going smooth. I did the IV ozone treatment, and PRP therapy. I’m very happy with the process as well as the results!
Morpheus TitaniaMorpheus Titania
00:43 07 Apr 22
I got fixed up by Dr Mel with a hydration IV and a glutathione IV and a colonic cleanse everyone there was very professional. Dr. Melanie has the best setup for naturalpathic medicine!
suzette korchmarossuzette korchmaros
05:13 24 Dec 21
This holistic clinic is the best!!!! The treatments are always the most cutting edge. I always learn about new therapies every time I go there and leave feeling like a hundred bucks. I stopped taking oral vitamins and just do the IVs and it’s not like any other sterile place. They are so warm and loving!! The add the special touches, music, palo santo and a cozy Moroccan theme! When I was I really sick I got home treatments that saved my life. The staff is so caring and only good vibes!!!! I love that they are always getting constant education on what’s the best treatment. The moringa and ozone are the bomb! Marisol and Sarah always hook me up. The doctor Melanie is pure love and so uplifting. ! They also have monthly Sound healings, soul choir, women groups, and community connection building!!! Phenomenal!!
Joan ZimmerJoan Zimmer
21:11 09 Dec 21
I got a ozone treatment today was so pleased with everyone’s kindness. Thank you Sarah, Noe, Addy and Dr Mel. I will be back in February can’t wait. 😆

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