Time for The Best Skin Tightening Package

Venus Viva 3 Pack: Skin Tightening, Line Shrinking, Rejuvenation SAFE for all Skin Types

Free Home Care Oxygen Cream + PRP added to each Session + add diamond polar to a session for only $85 ($200 value!)

We Love Threads and Filler.  But the Basis of  beautiful skin is with actually taking care of your skin.  Venus Viva is a safe, effective skin rejuvenating treatment with minimal downtime. We always treat the face, neck, and necklace line.  This treatment is also amazing for scars and brown spots.

Dr. Melanie Icard

Naturopathic Medical Doctor

You will be assessed by Dr. Icard to see if you are a good candidate for Venus Viva Skin Tightening and Given a Comprehensive Aesthetic Plan

Venus Viva uses a combination of micro-needles and radio-frequency to tighten skin, shrink pores and fine lines, shrink scars and stretch marks, lessen brown spots, and all around anti-age your skin.  This treatment has minimal downtime with only 24 hours of no makeup.  It is not painful and its is safe and effective, we never forget your neck at Butterfly Holistic Center.  

Treatments are enhanced with PRP for maximum regeneration and each client is sent home with oxygen cream for enhanced healing after procedures.

Each treatment is down approximately a month apart.  Please plan to be out of the sun 3 days after your treatment.

Maximize your skin regeneration by adding a diamond polar to face and neck immediately prior to your Venus Viva Treatment.

All about beautiful skin? We are a holistic regenerative clinic, be sure to ask your provider about hormones and peptides that can benefit your skin goals.

What You’ll Do Before the Appointment

Make sure you know what your primary area of focus is so the doctor knows what is important to you.  The doctor will ask about previous aesthetic procedures you have had.

What Happens During the Appoinment

After some brief paperwork your meet one on one with Dr. Icard to make the ultimate facial rejuvenation plan for you and your needs.  You will understand how Venus Viva works and different options available for you. You can see before and after photos of other happy clients.

What's Next?

We can get started right away or make a future date if you are concerned about down time. You will know your facial rejuvenation options and soon will be thrilled with your results!

About Dr. Melanie Icard

Dr. Icard is the founder and owner of Anti-Aging Clinic.  She was the first to bring PDO threads to Phoenix and continues to expand her toolbox and techniques focusing on the most natural, regenerative, and effective techniques with minimal downtime.  She also promotes beauty from the inside out with holistic treatments. The clinic and staff are warm and welcoming.  We can't wait to meet you! 

Why Others Recommend Having a Venus Viva Series

We may think we know what we want but we do not know all the options available and having an expert's input can be eye opening.  This is a free informational session with no pressure​

Jillian S


I am crazy about the Venus Viva, after my initial series I try to make it a point to do at least once a year to continue anti-aging my skin.

Vis H

Jazz Singer

I am impressed with the tightening on my neck after just the first treatment.  I love that this treatment does not cause scaring or discoloration of the skin.

phoenix anti aging clinic
Guadalupe R

Business Owner

I did a series because of a unsightly scar on my face after a trauma, not only is the scar not visible but my face has never looked better and I will continue to do these treatments for maintenance of my skin.  Very happy to be able to look in the mirror and not see that scar.

What Are You Waiting For? You can have a rejuvenated look that is natural, never fake looking and builds new collagen and tighter skin at the same time!!!!!!

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