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June Joy Specials

4 Point Silhouette InstaLift Facelift $3000
4 Point Silhouette InstaLift Facelift $3000

The Ultimate in Thread Facelifting Technology and Technique  (Reg. $4000!)

This is the absolute best in thread facelifting, the InstaLift has cones on the thread made out of the thread material that allows it to lift much more than other types of PDO threads for facelifting.  The thread is also placed deeper in the skin and exits and pulls in 2 different directions adding to the enhanced lifting.  But the best part of the InstaLift is the amazing Collagen regeneration and aging in reverse seen in the following months.  If you’ve been thinking to do a natural and effective anti-aging procedure to your face with minimal downtime take advantage of this opportunity.  You will LOVE it.

Each Purchase includes a complimentary bonus of 2 skin-tightening Diamond Polar Treatments to enhance collagen generation and one beauty IV to enhance collagen generation from the inside out!

15 Day Detox Kit
15 Day Detox Kit

Who needs a Cleanse???? Everyone!!!! $165 (reg. $200)

Many of us have snacked a little extra and a little less healthy with the quarantine; no problem.  Just reset with this gentle and easy to do cleanse.  Avoid all the garbage from your diet but you are still able to eat, enjoy 2 good tasting individually packaged shakes a day to help with detox pathways and blood sugar., and some packaged vitamins. The best part of this cleanse is that it supports your system so you don’t feel horrible! By day 3 or 4 you should be feeling great.  We have many clients lose a lot of weight even in the first few days.  I recommend a cleanse 3-4 times a year to keep your body system healthy.


Amniocyte Pain Or Beauty Treatment One Area $1650
Amniocyte Pain or Beauty Treatment One Area $1650

Amniocyte Pain or Beauty Treatment One Area (reg. $2500)

Many people suffer from pain; pain meds and steroids do NOT heal the area.  Help you body remove scar tissue, bring stem cells to the area, and increase joint space, cartilage, and tendon and ligament quality with amniocyte pain injection.

For regenerative treatments please avoid NSAIDs and fish oil at least 3 days before and after, and if you have done steroid treatments please make sure to discuss at scheduling.

Who loves beautiful skin?????  Regenerative medicine is awesome in aesthetics because it allows us to actually reverse aging in our skin.  Amniocytes with PRP are infused under the skin using a cannula to minimize bruising, this technique has been referred to as the “Liquid Facelift”.  You will Love it!!

We recommend combining with pain or anti-aging peptides for the best results.


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Patient Testimonials

State of the Art

"Beautifully decorated, professional clinic!!! Professional and courteous staff. Very well rounded practice. I will definitely be going back and recommend to all of my friends and acquaintances!!"

Beth Baltrusch

Happy Client

"Dr. Melanie is such a vibrant Doctor Who listens to her clients issues and helps find a natural remedy. I am excited for the results of my test to find out if I'm allergic to anything and I am sure she will help me get through my health issues. I referred Dr. Melanie to my sister who had the tests to see what she was allergic to and is very happy with the results and the service."

Tiffany Carlson-Richison

Great staff and professionalism

"I really enjoyed my session. Dr Icard and her assistant gave me the utmost quality of care i have ever known. The one on one consultation was easy and inviting. The procedures were done with great care. I would highly recommend the Anti-aging Clinic. I'm a customer for life."

Byron B

Love Love Love this place!!!!

"It is difficult to find a naturopath as well rounded and offering as many services as Dr. Melanie does! Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious and I want to send everybody I know to her for inspiration and healing! I love that she offers free clinics to expose more people to what is available! I have certainly found someone I hope to work with for many years and can refer friends and strangers too!"

Dorinda Deimund


“I received a gift of reflexology and I have no experience with it. I went in and wow, the atmosphere was relaxing, staff fab and I had no idea how badly my body needed treatment and how so many areas responded in a positive manner. I highly recommend this professional clinic for long term health and wellness to anyone who has ever wanted to explore complete wellness. Plus....There are so many more exciting services I will explore and implement into my life at this clinic!! Excellent Facility.”

Beth Baltrusch
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