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Spring 2020 Specials

PDO Eyebrow Lift
PDO Eyebrow Lift

Bright-Eyed Mint PDO Brow Lift $850

A little bit goes a long way when it comes to augmenting the upper brow-line.  Get those eyes open a little more and look and feel 10 years younger, and much sexier too!  We love the lifting power of Mint PDO threads more than any other threads we’ve worked with in the past.  This special includes 2 threads on each brow. A quick procedure with little to no down time.  You can combine this treatment with filler and botox brow lifts as well.

Female Sexual Regenerative Package
Female Sexual Regenerative Package

Total Femenine Regenerative Program Intro Price $2500 ($4200 value)

Intake with Doctor


Vaginal E3 Therapy

(*E3 Additional Cost to Pharmacy) 

6 Femiwave Ultrasound Regenerative Treatments

PRP Vaginal Therapy X1 

Follow up/Treatment Plan


Regenerative Hair Regrowth Program $950
Regenerative Hair Regrowth Program $950

Hair Regrowth Program $1300

3 PRP Hair regrowth Treatments plus a Biotin IM injection at each treatment.  Boost your treatment program and add in peptides that work synergistically with PRP hair regrowth treatments; we include one month of TB4 and GHK-Foam in this package for enhanced hair growth.




Silhouette InstaLift 4 Point Facelift $3250
Silhouette InstaLift 4 Point Facelift $3250

New Years Special

Experience the absolute best in thread facelifting technology.  The threads have small bi-directional cones..    Read more..

4 Point PDO Facelift
4 Point PDO Facelift

$1650 Defy Gravity and Create Collagen

This one is great for everyone getting all those necessary lifting angles and months of collagen regeneration to enjoy for years of looking good!

Free skin tightening session and B12 with each purchase!

Venus Viva Skin Tightening & Scar Treatments  With Stem Cell Serum 3/$1275
Venus Viva skin Tightening & Scar Treatments with Stem Cell Serum 3/$1275

Beautiful Skin in 2020

We LOVE Venus Viva, combine micro-needles with Radio Frequency and you have a lovely skin tightening treatment for face, neck, and necklace line.  We add stem cell serum after your treatment to heal faster and get better results.  24 hours no makeup and possible red face then theres little evidence of the procedure, particularly with Venus’s stem cell kit.  This treatment shrinks pores, shrinks brown spots, shrinks small veins on the face.  We recommend a series of 3-4 each one month apart initially and then yearly or every 6 months as maintenance to combat aging.  Add on your hands to rejuvenate hand aging.


Call for more.. 480-582-5364

~ Refer a friend and get a $25 credit ~

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Patient Testimonials

State of the Art

"Beautifully decorated, professional clinic!!! Professional and courteous staff. Very well rounded practice. I will definitely be going back and recommend to all of my friends and acquaintances!!"

Beth Baltrusch

Happy Client

"Dr. Melanie is such a vibrant Doctor Who listens to her clients issues and helps find a natural remedy. I am excited for the results of my test to find out if I'm allergic to anything and I am sure she will help me get through my health issues. I referred Dr. Melanie to my sister who had the tests to see what she was allergic to and is very happy with the results and the service."

Tiffany Carlson-Richison

Great staff and professionalism

"I really enjoyed my session. Dr Icard and her assistant gave me the utmost quality of care i have ever known. The one on one consultation was easy and inviting. The procedures were done with great care. I would highly recommend the Anti-aging Clinic. I'm a customer for life."

Byron B

Love Love Love this place!!!!

"It is difficult to find a naturopath as well rounded and offering as many services as Dr. Melanie does! Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious and I want to send everybody I know to her for inspiration and healing! I love that she offers free clinics to expose more people to what is available! I have certainly found someone I hope to work with for many years and can refer friends and strangers too!"

Dorinda Deimund


“I received a gift of reflexology and I have no experience with it. I went in and wow, the atmosphere was relaxing, staff fab and I had no idea how badly my body needed treatment and how so many areas responded in a positive manner. I highly recommend this professional clinic for long term health and wellness to anyone who has ever wanted to explore complete wellness. Plus....There are so many more exciting services I will explore and implement into my life at this clinic!! Excellent Facility.”

Beth Baltrusch
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