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Shanna Bayrd

Shanna Bayrd

Shanna Bayrd
Naturopathic Physician

Doctor Shanna Bayrd began her journey into medicine as a child, connecting with nature and plants. Later in life, after receiving a degree in psychology with a focus on behavioral chemistry, she realized that becoming a doctor was going to give her tools to help people in ways that were needed. Told all her life that she had healing hands and a healing touch, she began at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine to further hone those skills.

Upon graduating, she had a new understanding of how the body and mind function together. One cannot be separated from the other. Mind-body techniques revealed to her the power of personal belief systems in creating disease. She saw how all aspects of a person’s life paralleled their physical condition. Learning Chinese medicine and acupuncture presented a shift in perspective that guided her treatment. She saw that practicing this way was creating healing in people after decades of suffering. Doctor Bayrd uses combination therapies to help you. Below are a list of options: Acupuncture, Holistic counseling, Nutrition awareness, Neuro-emotional technique (nervous system resetting), Gemstone Meridian Therapy, IV therapy, Body work (cupping, guasha, respiratory manipulation and pranic healing)

These therapies are especially good for trauma, anxiety, depression, and chronic illness that other doctors have told you are incurable or hopeless. Change your attitude, change your life!

Many Blessings,

Shanna Bayrd, Naturopathic Physician

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